Cinch Loss Plan Inch

Losing weight can be as simple as it is difficult. We get that
That’s why we created a plan that’s personalized, yet easy to follow. Say Hello to Cinch
Cinch is Powered by Leucine and specially formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:

  • Keep muscle you have
  • Burn fat you don’t need
  • Lose inches you don’t want
  • The hard science behind a hard behind

    In a recent clinical trial, we tested our proprietary formula enhanced with leucine . (Leucine is a muscle-building amino acid found in protein rich foods). This leucine-enhanced nutrition program was shown to help retain 100% of lean muscle mass. People in the program lost fat, weight and inches while retaining their lean muscle.

    A plan for the rest of us

    As you get to know us, you’ll find we take your health very seriously and ourselves, not so much. Cinch is designed to help you hang on to all-important muscle while you lose that all-jingly fat. And it’s created by doctors who are, thankfully, also human. With Cinch, you eat food you look forward to. You can’t say that about cabbage soup.

    Cinch Energy Tea Mix

    Cinch Shake Mix


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