Fiber Plan Tablets

Product Name : Shaklee Fiber PlanĀ® Tablets

Product Details :
Servings Per Container : 75 Tablets.
Serving Size : Up to 5 Tablets per day.
Retail Price : RM 46.25

Shaklee Fiber PlanĀ® Tablets is uniquely formulated with natural fiber sources (oranges, lemons, grape fruit, soybeans and beets). It contains both soluble and non-soluble fiber. It is fat free and cholesterol free.

Functions of Fiber:
(1) Promotes regularity and prevents constipation.
(2) Cleans the intestines by removing harmful toxins and potential carcinogens.
(3) Helps to maintain normal blood sugar level (beneficial to diabetics).

Additional Info :

5 Fiber Plan Tablets provide 3 grams of dietary fiber.

Source : Shaklee Malaysia

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