Vitamin C (500mg)

Product Name : Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C

Details :
Servings per Container : 180 Tablets.
Serving Size : 1 Tablet per day.
Retail Price : RM 92.50

Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C 500mg was the first sustained-release vitamin C supplement to use all-natural plant gums and waxes to release pure, protection vitamin C gently and continuously. It’s made from all natural vitamin C sources (citrus fruits).

Functions of Vitamin C:
Helps build resistance to infection, colds and flu.
(2) Speeds wound healing.
(3) Essential for the formation of collagen for healthy, younger looking skin.
(4) Aids in the prevention of spongy, bleeding gums.
(5) Antioxidant -helps prevent cell damage by free radicals.

Source : Shaklee Malaysia

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